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I’m Raj Sharda, Real Estate Agent, specializing in first time home buying & self-sustaining investment properties. With 15+ years of personal & professional Real Estate Investment Experience, I have seen almost every scenario. My goal for myself & for my clients is to maximize the potential in the Real Estate so it could lead to financial independence. FI simply means being able to live off the income of your own resources & maintain or improve your lifestyle as you choose.
You can take advantage of my rich experience in Real Estate to acquire properties that fit your needs like a hand in a glove. I also help my clients to maximize the sale price of their property by deploying my proven 9-Step Dynamic Marketing Strategy.
I have a 12-point checklist to make sure that whatever potential buyers are looking for, is present (or provided) in the property that we plan to market. This ensures that I can get you the best possible, above market value for your property which translates to more $$$ in your pocket.
I believe more $$$ (for selling) or saved $$$(for buying) generates Happy & Satisfied Clients. These clients are retained for life and generate repeat business & referrals which in turn translates to more business and a great level of personal satisfaction for me & my team.
If you are in the market to Buy or Sell Real Estate, please get in touch with me before you hire any Relator so that you can compare what I have to offer. You will be glad you did! Real Estate is a serious business & one of the most important financial transactions of most people’s life, make it count for you & get the most out of it.

I am a first-generation Immigrant from India and came to Canada more than 20yrs ago. A Mechanical Engineer by profession & having experience in Mechanical Design & Manufacturing, I tried to pursue job opportunities in Engineering here in Toronto. I quickly realized 2 facts. Jobs in Canada do not provide the growth & stability that I was looking for & I was not cut out to take directions from someone else. This is when I had to kiss my career goodbye and pursued to be an entrepreneur. 
I started small with my younger brother and started an Expedited Courier Delivery business. I enjoyed the freedom of being my own boss and had the flexibility to choose my own working hours and days off (if any…LOL). When it was time to grow, I chose to get into trucking business, the real deal of BIG RIGS! Soon I owned a fleet of Trucks with drivers running all over north America.
My next business adventure was to indulge in a passion & romance that I had since my childhood, to “own a Bar & Restaurant.” I shifted my focus over to it and became a proud owner of and American Italian Eatery called East Side Mario’s. I operated this business for 5 years & realized that throughout all these ups and downs of every business, I was generating a lot of cash flow but was missing financial stability in my life. I was also spending almost all my time running that business or should I say that the business was running me! When I looked back, I realized that the only stability that I had in my life was because of the Real Estate Investments I made along the way. 
This was the day for me to change the direction & focus of where I spend most of my time. It was Real Estate! I decided to devote majority of my time to analyze & invest in Real Estate deals. This was the answer to my lifelong quest for financial independence. If I could acquire enough Real Estate, I did not have to work anymore. Now, I ‘choose’ to work for what excites me the most, Real Estate deals that generate enough cash in one transaction that an average Canadian makes in one year working a full-time job. Wow!!!
Time and over, again & again I have used the education, management skills & negotiation techniques that I learned & practiced all my life to benefit myself personally & for my Clients in Buying & Selling Real Estate. Residential, Commercial, First Time Home Buyers, Income Generation, self sustaining Investment Opportunities, You name it, I have done it. I know almost everything that could possibly go wrong in a deal before it actually happens and use my experience to benefit my clients avoid those pitfalls. 
You can learn from your mistakes (will cost you a bunch of $$$ and years of setback in your life) or you can hire a professional like me to avoid them all and get a boost in saved $$$ and avoid a lot of aggravation of not knowing the ‘nitty gritty’ of Real Estate Transactions. This will in turn saves you time & money. I personally believe (learned through my life experiences) that hiring a professional is always in your best interest.

You are either in your Comfort Zone or Growth Zone, you must analyze which zone you are in & get where you need to be. If you need help getting into your growth Zone, I can show you how with my proven 6-step process. I can show you how I bought 6Properties in 5Yrs with minimum amount of money from my own bank account, almost anyone can do it. Do what’s BEST for you, get in touch with me so I can explain how I can help you in your next Real Estate Transaction.

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